Panta Rei

"The heart of Gioia del Colle hides some philosophy, a place where the everyday concerns follow the flow of time and everything gets the taste, the flavour and the body of the fruity notes of wine."

The idea of Panta Rei was born in 2006 due to the intuition and the dreams of Marcello Ripa who, tenacious and determined, has always had a clear goal: to create in Gioia del Colle a place of worship for all the wine and champagne lovers. Since the beginning his enthusiasm matched the requests and tastes of his customers, always growing in number and affection. In 2010 Panta Rei was crowned by an important magazine as Italy's best wine bar. This award has only been a leg of the journey, not the destination. In time Panta Rei has always evolved, enlarging and improving the offer to his customers.

At Panta Rei, where everything flows, philosophy tastes like wine...

We have always wanted to offer something new, a multi-functional location that can fit the necessities and the requests of everydays' moments. A typical cafè during the morning, where you can always find a fresh croissant or a tasty italian breakfast, a location where to enjoy delicious aperitives, an elegant and exclusive wine bar in the evening. Dinner time is the best time to enjoy Panta Rei: good food fragrances, soft lights and warm welcome. Our location makes wine, champagne and beer tasting delightful, accompanied by the specialties of our kitchen, always new and pleasingly tasty.
The time spent at Panta Rei tastes like good food and good wine, without hurry, enjoying every single moment.

Panta Rei is home, mine and yours. Always the same and always a little different

Via M. Petrera, 9 - Gioia del Colle (BA)


+39 393 36 14 208